Simone's Sardinia tourist guide: Sa Domu ‘e S’Orcu (Ogre's house) (Giants' grave) (Near Siddi)

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Hello all, yesterday I’ve rediscovered an interesting Sardinia monument named “Sa Domu ‘e S’Orcu” (english translation is “Ogre’s house”) near the small Sardinian village of Siddi.

I entered into the monument, also climbing on the roof to enjoy the cool afternoon breeze… that beautiful place surrounded by tasty blackberry plants hit me: I think it’s worth a visit.

Built near a locality named Nuraghe Tuvudu, about 6 km from the village of Siddi, it’s on a small ledge of basaltic rock, at an altitude of 355 m.

The tomb of the giants “Sa Domu ‘e s’Orcu” it’s a great example of  funerary architecture in the middle of Sardinia bronze period (1500-1350 BC).

It was built with blocks of basalt, medium-thick and elongated; if you see from high the building you can see that it looks like a bull’s head (perhaps not coincidentally)

Of the other antique constructions of the megalithic period not a few traces remain poorly reported.

I want remeber you that near Sa domu e s’orcu‘s area there are the rests of “Nuraxi Mora“,”Nuraghe sa fogaia“, “nuraghe su concali“, “nuraghe liccu“, “nuraghe corruardu“, “nuraghe genna maiu“, “nurage molas“, “nuraghe cuccurru bingias“, “nuraghe corona arrubbia“, “nuraghe sa bruxi“, “Nuraghe Pranu Stintu“, “Nuraghe su Pardu” ; don’t forget the “Ussaramanna’s nuraghe” or, farest “nuraghe su senzu“.

Click here to see the google earth coordinates 😉

Look the video (sorry, language is Italian) to see “Sa domu e S’orcu

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