Gulliver Travels (plot in english): summary of the plot by chapter in english

Gulliver in Brobdingnag, portrayed in a painting, made by the English painter Richard Redgrave.

Gulliver’s travels summary by chapter

Gulliver’s Travels was printed in London in 1726 and it consists of four books, each deals a various adventures of Lemuel Gulliver.

  • Book 1. Gulliver sails from Bristol on 4th May 1699 and after six months he is wrecked in South Pacific and he woke up upon the shore of Lilliput. The inhabitants of the land, the Lilliputians, who are only six inches tall, carry his huge body to the capital. Gulliver gradually learns their language, their customs and institutions, and gains the favour of the King. Later he return to England.
  • Book 2. Gulliver sails for India but finds himself in Brobdingnag, a country located in Alaska. The natives are giants, twelve times as tall as Gulliver. His size causes him many misadventures. Taken by a farmer he is later sold to the Queen and finally becomes the King’s pet. The King enjoys talking with him about the system of government in England and Europe. One day Gulliver’s cage is lifted up by a huge bird and dropped in the middle of the Ocean. He is rescued by a ship and returns to England.
  • Book 3. This time Gulliver’s ship is attacked by pirates and he finds himself on the flying island of Laputa, whose inhabitants are absent-minded astronomers, philosophers and scientists. Gulliver visit their capital Lagado and its academy, where absurd experiments are carried out, like extracting sunbeams from cucumbers, or turning human excrements into food. Later Gulliver goes back to England.
  • Book 4. Gulliver’s last voyage leads him to the island inhabited by the Houyhnhnms, horses endowed with reason that rule over the Yahoos, a vile species of animals resembling human beings. Gulliver admires the superiority of the Houyhnhnms and is ashamed of his similarity with the Yahoos. When the horses banish him he builds a canoe and leaves for England.

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